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MGSA Fastpitch News
Check here frequently for the latest information of interest to all fastpitch players and families.

Tonka Fastpitch Fall tryouts & programs:

  1. We will be offering the 12U Selects program again, AND will be adding 10U Selects commencing August 2022.  Selects AND Fall Ball players will try out at fall ball tryouts.


10U/12U Fastpitch Tryouts at Legacy Fields


Tuesday, July 26 cancelled due to weather

Wednesday, July 27 ONLY & TIME CHANGES!

ALL 10U 4:30p-7p

ALL 12U 6:30p-9p

Questions about tryouts?  Email fastpitchdirector@tonkasoftball.org


Please have your player come ready with the following:

-Online registration & payment must be complete.

-Fall Player availability form filled out online.

-Player must arrive dressed and ready to go in softball attire with their own equipment (exception - we will have some catcher gear available if your player does not have).

-Send a full water bottle and light snack, and please have your player use the restroom prior to arrival so we can limit the amount of disruptions during tryouts.

*Any changes to the position your player is trying out for MUST be made in writing to the FP director BEFORE tryouts.  If you are unsure what you registered for or have any questions, please contact the FP director prior to tryout start tomorrow.

**Players trying out for Selects should be watching for an email 7/27 evening.  If they have made the Selects team they will have 12 hours to confirm placement and make the additional deposit to secure their spot.  This allows the FP committee time to create all of the teams in a timely fashion for the start of fall ball.

***If your player is 10U/12U and CAN NOT make tryouts, and you have not reached out to the FP director, please do so immediately so we have final accurate tryout numbers for tomorrow and we have this documented for our team formation.



Fall Tryout Process

All evaluations and scoring are done by independent evaluators @ CLUTCH/WHIRL.  Results are then sent to the fastpitch committee for team formation based on the scores and selections on the tryout forms.  Fastpitch tryouts consist of the following evaluations:

Day 1 (10U, 12U): 

All Players:



Bunting (10U & 12U only)  



Pitchers Only: Pitching

Catchers Only: Catching

Day 2 (10U & 12U): 

Live Scrimmages

Player Age Restrictions

MGSA does not support playing up to the next age level.  A player's age on January 1 of the current year determines the age classification at which that player is eligible to participate.  

For Fall 2022-Spring 2023:

Players with birth years of 2010 and 2011 will play 12U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2012 and 2013 will play 10U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2014 and 2015 will play 8U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2016 and 2017 will play 6U Fastpitch

*Players who play within their correct age level will be given precedence over any player wishing to play up.  If an age division has enough players to fulfill all roster spots, the Fastpitch Committee will not consider any players wishing to play up.  We encourage families to consider the benefits of staying within the correct age group.  If numbers prove that we need players from younger age groups to play up, the committee will review tryout results and contact parents of those players. 

Articles on the benefits of keeping your child playing at her age level.

USA Hockey Magazine: The Pros and Pitfalls of Playing Up

Youthletic: The Benefits of Playing Up


Who Can Play Tonka Fastpitch?

Age levels at and below 12U are not open divisions.  If your daughter attends school or lives in the Minnetonka School District, she is eligible to play for Tonka Fastpitch.  A player from another community will be able to play for Tonka if she receives a waiver from her current association.  This exception must be communicated and agreed upon by both associations.  If all conditions are met, the player can play for Tonka, but will not be eligible to make an A team until she has completed one spring/summer season with Tonka Fastpitch.

Player Equipment

Required Equipment

· Glove

· Black Softball Pants required 8U-12U.  They are optional, but highly recommended for 6U.

· Fielder's Mask - MGSA requires the use of fielder's mask at all infielding & outfielding positions for 8U-12U.  It is optional, but highly recommended for 6U.

· Batting Helmet with facemask and chinstrap (we request that all new batting helmets be purchased in either blue, black, white, or silver)

o   Fastpitch players are required to provide their own helmet.  Note that it must have a facemask stamped with approval from "NOCSAE" and also have a chinstrap to be legal in fastpitch league games and tournaments.

o   RIP-IT Vision Pro featuring Blackout Technology

Recommended Equipment

· Batting gloves*

· Bat*

  •  The only bats allowed for use in USA Softball, Minnesota Softball, Big West, and Tri County are ASA or USA Softball stamped bats.  These bats are also approved by MSHSL and NCAA.

· Sliding Shorts (to be worn under softball pants)

· Sliding Sleeve

· Cleats (Rubber cleats for 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U)

Updated 6/14/22